The Writing Horse Still Excites Me
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The Writing Horse Still Excites Me

When you fall off a horse, you get right back on. Isn’t that the old saying?

Well, I’d love to get back on the horse. Trouble is, I have no idea where the horse went or how I fell off in the first place.

The last time I wrote a post for my blog Maybe You Can Relate was almost four months ago. I haven’t written anything for this blog since the introductory post nearly three months ago. It’s true I haven’t had much energy since I started not feeling well last December, but there have been days I had spare energy.

I spent some of those days creating an animation about being sick. Creating an animation requires a lot more energy from me than writing a blog post does. How did I find the energy to put together the animation, when I couldn’t get myself to write?

When did I fall off the writing horse?

I found the answer in a post I read on the blog Hands Free Mama. The post “When’s the Last Time Life Excited You?” details the blog author, Rachel’s, realization that she was in a slump, but she could get out of it by learning from the excitement her daughter gets out of everyday life.

I found the energy to create my “When Germs Attack” animation because I was excited about it. It was about a major force going on in my life right now. It helped me turn my frustration over not feeling well into something creative and fun.

I had in mind for a long time what I thought my first post on kinetic imprint should be about. But, when I was honest with myself, it turns out that subject doesn’t interest me right now. Every time I thought about writing that post ā€“ boom ā€“ the writing horse bucked me off and galloped into the sunset.

Reading the “When’s the Last Time Life Excited You?” post on Hands Free Mama made me realize The Writing Horse still excites me. I was simply reining it in when I should have been letting it run wherever it wanted.

I will be able to get back in the saddle by going back to writing about things that excite me. That shouldn’t be hard to do. In my late 30s I still get unabashedly excited over things I’m sure most adults my age would give me the crazy stare over.

Last weekend, I clapped, pointed, and said, “Look at that!”, while standing alone in the kitchen watching the sun come up over the horizon. I couldn’t help it and I’m not embarrassed by it! The sun rises every day, but every day its beauty astounds me. I never take it for granted or dismiss it as ordinary.

The sunrise never ceases to amaze me.

The sunrise never ceases to amaze me.

Please do yourself a favor and check out the post “When’s the Last Time Life Excited You” on Hands Free Mama.

It’s a great reminder to find your own excitement in adult life by looking at your world through Beginner’s Eyes.

My favorite quote from Rachel’s post comes from the predawn moment before school when Rachel’s daughter cheered her victory over a seemingly small battle, which to her was a huge accomplishment, with a fist pump. Mom’s initial reaction, “She actually fist pumped and it was still dark outside.”, made me laugh out loud. Rachel’s next reaction, that she too wanted to get that excited about small victories, is what I wish for us all.

I’m happy to report, I fist pumped in my cubicle this week. I hope all of you reading this find your fist pump moment in each and every day.

be here. be positive. be happy.


4 thoughts on “The Writing Horse Still Excites Me

  1. I’ll have you know that I fist pumped when I saw the email notifying me that you jumped back on the horse. First one I saw when I went out to check my inbox. Good job girl. Now ride off into the sunset! And by sunset, I clearly mean Monday morning.


    • Excellent! The writing horse and I got you to fist pump! Then our work here is done. Thank goodness, because the horse and I are both exhausted. Thanks for staying up to comment when it’s past all of our bed times. PS. I’m pretty sure the writing horse has carpel tunnel.


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